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Give it to the Sea

Hollywood 1997 & Helsinki 1998

The first full-length album by Black Lürxx. Described by one reviewer as an innovative sleazy version of Tribe After Tribe and as "headstrong indie rock" by another, this debut album features a "captivating blend of old-school punk and dark heavy metal, with spellbinding melodies and hard rockers" in the words of another reviewer. 

Independent release

The Liverpool Sessions

Liverpool 2020-2022

The Lürxx' first studio album after their 22 year hiatus. Liverpool has a special place in the band's hearts - it's not only drummer Joe's hometown but also the starting point of Sabú's and Xavi's musical journey - they were first inspired to form a band together by the Beatles! The band are therefore thrilled to have been able to record in the cradle of the West Coast sound - a nice nod to their Californian roots as well!

Independent release

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Rock Art

England 2022

After "The Liverpool Sessions" the Lürxx had enough material for a second album and lost no time in getting it out there - their important messages can't wait, we live in time-sensitive times... "Rock Art" is a combination of studio recordings and home recordings which offer an intimate glimpse into Sabú's and Xavi's creative lair in Hampshire.

Independent release