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Give it to the Sea

Hollywood 1997 & Helsinki 1998

The first full-length album by Black Lürxx. Described by one reviewer as an innovative sleazy version of Tribe After Tribe and as "headstrong indie rock" by another, this debut album features a "captivating blend of old-school punk and dark heavy metal, with spellbinding melodies and hard rockers" in the words of another reviewer. 

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Music for the Planet

Liverpool, UK 2020 - 2022

The Lürxx' first studio album after their 22 year hiatus. Liverpool has a special place in the band's hearts - it's not only drummer Joe's hometown but also the starting point of Sabú's and Xavi's musical journey - they were first inspired to form a band together by the Beatles! The band are therefore thrilled to have been able to record in the cradle of the West Coast sound - a nice nod to their Californian roots as well!

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Jellyfish Moon

Reading, UK  2022

The first half of 2022 was a time of intense creative activity for the band: Xavi and Sabú went into the studio with their friends Zoe and Rune to record the EP "Jellyfish Moon". Meet the awesome bird that is the nightjar, celebrate tattoos and the power of art and meditate on the experimental ballad "Slow" - let us take you on a trip!

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Xmas with an attitude! 

Alton, UK 2021

A rebellious little punky Xmas single which the Lürxx recorded in their lo-fi home studio in the autumn of 2021. 

The A-side let's Rudolph vent his frustration at his bullies and the lack of support from Santa. The B-side takes us into the bleak world of a teenager stuck in super square surroundings... 

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