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Join us & take the dude-pledge!

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what is
"dudes for climate?!


Do you CARE about the CLIMATE CRISIS?

Then "DUDES for CLIMATE" is for you!

We are creating a community of dudes who care! Why? 

a) To inspire other dudes and show them that you don't need to compromise your dudeness in order to become a climate warrior

b) To show the world that just because we're dudes doesn't mean we don't wanna save the world - I mean, just look at Bill and Ted!

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Interested in becoming a Climate Warrior?

Watch the video below & join us!

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Already a Climate warrior?

What do you get when you join?

You will get access to our private Facebook group where we can swap climate- and nature-related dude-wisdom, regular meetings on Zoom, "Dudes 4 Climate" zero-waste merch and the possibility to get your climate- and nature-related questions answered by fellow dude and environmental scientist Xavi.

You'll also get the chance to create your own content and share it with the community - you can present your favourite on-topic rock song, reveal your latest pre-loved guitar bargain, do a shredder's version of "Heal the World"...

We will add your name to our list of signatories to the dude-pledge, which we will make public once it looks impressive enough.

If you want to, you can email us a picture of yourself / your band / whatever and we'll use it on our social media to recruit more dudes! We would love it if you did that!!

Image by Senad Palic

The Dude-Pledge

By taking the dude-pledge, you are taking the first steps towards being a planet- and climate-conscious dude!

The dude-pledge has three components which relate to the climate crisis.

1) Pledge to eat less meat

Meat—particularly beef—drives climate change in two ways: first, by cows farting out methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and second, by destroying forests, especially the Amazon, as they are turned into grazing land. 1 vegan day per week (52 days a year) can save nearly 143kgs of CO2 per year. And: change in customer demand drives industry change on a big scale: 20 years ago, hardly any mainstream supermarkets stocked organic products, now almost all do. Customer demand did that!

2) Pledge to buy less stuff

Did you know that it takes around 7,500 liters of water to make one pair of jeans and that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world and is responsible for 10% of worldwide carbon emissions? Buying second hand reduces our water, waste, and carbon footprint by more than 80%

3) Pledge to let insects and weeds live

 Every time we selectively kill certain animals or plants which we somehow dislike, we fuck with the natural balance and the ability of nature to regulate herself. Pollinators need "weeds" to feed on, healthy soil needs all kinds of lil' creepy crawlies to do their thing... so by letting those little dudes be, we strengthen the natural system and make sure that it'll be able to keep us alive in return.

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