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Music for the Planet - Interview

In a recent Interview with the charity Plover Rovers, the Lürxx talked about their deep connection to nature and how important it is to their art:

Even way back in the mid-90s the band was very passionate about nature and animal rights. “We didn’t shrink wrap our CD”, remembers vocalist and guitarist Xavi, “and we put a little sticker on: ‘Out of environmental reasons this CD has not been shrink wrapped’. People told us it would look unprofessional but we didn’t care! Even back then we didn’t wanna be part of the problem if we could help it!”. Education was another important aspect of the band’s output. “We used to hang out in the West Hollywood library, just digging all that knowledge that was stored there. We even concepted a whole album based on ancient history”, says Sabú, formerly the bassist, now lead recorder player.

“We always felt that our music was portraying nature in a way. We always tried to create this harmony and power that we would see in nature, the rising and falling of waves, the light reflecting in the trees, just the aliveness of it all”, says Sabú. “Now, we are perhaps more conscious of it but even at 18, 19 years old we felt it and tried to express it in our melodies.” “The intertwining melodies of the lead instruments are like a web of life”, adds Xavi, “The drums are the heartbeat, the rhythm of Earth. I think that’s why music can have this massive positive effect on people, just like green and blue spaces can. It’s like the music is a green and blue space, one that you can get to anytime.” And is there a special connection to the sea for the band? “Well, our first album was called “Give It To The Sea” and the title track is a story about a sailor”, says Sabú. “We’ve always felt this attraction to the sea, I think. Just the infinity and power, the whole spectrum of the softest of caresses to the most violent of storms, it’s like music, like life!”, concludes Xavi. Drummer Joe agrees: “I definitely feel spiritually at home by the sea!”, he says. “Absolutely love it!”

“We’ve always tried to donate to charities involved in nature conservation and animal rights, even when we could hardly make ends meet.”, says Xavi. “ We are super happy to actually be able to give our art to this great cause!” “The idea of empowerment and positive messaging fits in perfectly with what we are nowadays trying to achieve with our music”, adds Sabú. “ We want to help people feel empowered, give them hope and strength to kick some ass for the good guys. But also just make them feel good and in touch with the rhythm of nature all around them. So if we can underpin the Plover Rovers’ positive message with our music, that’s awesome”

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