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Joe. Drums. Backing vocals.

Joe studio Liverpool.jpeg

Live for today as you never know

what's around the corner.

It all started for me about 1978, age 13, when older pupils at school started to look different and wear little badges! Informing the younger reprobates to start listening to the new thing: PUNK ROCK! So... of course we did and for me it was an amazing experience! The look! The energy! And of course the music!! So my school mates and I - like everyone else - started our own band. Yeh! Right - I'm the drummer!! So my early drumming influences would be Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Rat Scabies (the Damned) and Dave Ruffy (the Ruts). May first gig was Stiff Little Fingers in 1980 - they remain one of my all time fave bands.

In the 80s, I ventured into the rock music scene - I loved Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, G'n'R and the like. Since then really I've loved all types of rock/punk music. 

On first hearing the Lürxx material back in 1998 I found it very different to what I listened to - let alone played! The Lürxx music for me is a unique form of songwriting and storytelling! Thought-provoking lyrics and catchy hooks and the Lürxx write about things that MATTER... Mother Nature and the love of animals, the awakening to the horrors of how we abuse the planet and nature, and the scary thoughts of the future with climate change. Listen to the Lürxx - we have a powerful positive message the world needs to listen to! Let's do it together!

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