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song: Mangrove Woods (©1993/2021 Gudrich/Gudrich)

Watch on YouTube

This is a preliminary home recording.

We will record a professional version of this song for one of our upcoming albums.

Meanwhile enjoy the video - it's absolutely beautiful!


Let me take you to the mangrove woods

Get away from all these frowning faces!

I’m gonna show you nicer places

At dawn I take you to the mangrove woods.


It’s getting lighter can you feel the air?

Feel the water in your face, in your hair?

The woods at down look green and blue

Feel the water splashing ‘round me and you.


Ahhhh. Mangrove woods.


The day is rising let us greet the sun!

The trees and birds all sing as one.

Let’s take this in and keep it, too.

Take the mangrove peace back home with you.


Ahhhh. Mangrove woods.


Discussing deep shit in the mangrove woods.

And as night falls we’ll see clearer.

Inside, peace will glow nearer.

Dreams are like seeds in the mangrove woods!

(They can go everywhere!)


Ahhhh. Mangrove woods.


Fly, pipistrelle, fly, take my dreams with you.

Fly, pipistrelle, take them high, to the sky with you.

Fly, pipistrelle, fly, take my dreams with you.

Fly, pipistrelle, take them high, spread them everywhere.


We wrote this song in 1993, when we were 16 years old. It was actually called "Drowning Woods" back then and Sabú wrote the original lyrics after seeing mangroves on TV - he had no idea what it was or what is was called but he found it absolutely beautiful!

Verse 1 and 2 are very close to the original lyrics, the rest we added in 2021. 

Mangroves are a super important ecosystem: Apart from being biodiversity hotspots, they store carbon and protect the coastline from flooding, two features which make them important allies in the mitigation of climate change.

Fun Fact

One of the animals you can meet in mangrove forests is the mudskipper, a really cool fish that can live in the water and on land. Xavi has one tattooed, check it out:

mudskipper tattoo.jpg

Liner notes

Xavi: vocals, guitar

Sabú: lead guitar, tenor recorder, backing vocals

Recorded at home in Alton. ℗ 2021 Gudrich/Gudrich

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