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"The Lürxx present a fabulous work with guitars parading sensational notes over a strong bass and precise drums with very characteristic vocals and exciting melodies.
Roadie Music
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“Music for the Planet” es una celebración de la música rock hecha a mano y de la sencillez sin pretensiones.

El disco cuenta una historia de belleza y esperanza, de lucha y victoria, de amor y la increíble maravilla de la naturaleza."

- Dequeruza, Argentinia


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"Lovely! This song has expressive vocals and beautiful melodies. "

- Common Sense


"There's a ton of energy here which I love. I love the flute in the background throughout - super catchy." - Fresh Ground Indie


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"Very cool sound, super unique!"

- From the Strait


"Muy buena melodía, excelente voz!" 

- Improvisando Radio, Colombia


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"The Lürxx undoubtedly have their own thing going though, in everything from vocal tone to topic and [...] multi-layered arrangements. Rebels is a stunning opener, but it’s still merely a glimpse of the depth on display throughout Music For The Planet."

- Stereo Stickman