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"Nothing worth it comes easy!"

I'm Zoe, a biologist by trade specialising in insect behaviour, currently working at Portsmouth University in the photography and film de.

I love love love plants and grow lots of plant babies at work! I also love dogs and take any excuse to give them a cuddle.

If I didn't go into science I would've done music or performance as a profession. I have danced since I was small and still love it but drumming caught my eye when I was 16 which led me into joining an international samba reggae drumming band and unltimately The Lürxx!

I have an innate passion to learn and create things, in particular creating my own clothes with repurposed material. I try to live a zero waste lifestyle as much as possible so that I can be compassionate to the environment and encourage others to do so as well.


I advocate self expression through tattoos and piercings, and any way that displays your personality and individuality. Life is too short to blend in with the crowd. My quirky sense of style is my trade mark and I plan to have loads more tattoos. My new hobby is kickboxing so now I can officially kick ass like a pro as well as kick ass musically!

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