El Dorado

the Lürxx 1997 & 2022, Hollywood & England

El Dorado - searching for something that doesn't exist

El Dorado - destroying life on a senseless quest

The illness gold, the spell of El Dorado

Lured men away, deep into the jungle

Seeking riches for themselves, bringing death to everybody else

Sloth - I'm just dreaming in the trees

Capybara - I'm just chilling' in the swamp

Tapir - I just wallow in the mud

We all live here, this is the home we love

Their arguments are worthless, irrelevant their riches

We will not stand back and watch

As they destroy to line their pockets with death

Sloth - we stand with you

Capybara - we'll heal your home

Tapir - we'll shield you from harm

We are all one, this is the home we love