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The Lürxx - Electronic Press Kit

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A Nature Warrior Rock band with roots in the Hollywood glam punk scene, the Lürxx are a nucleus of two artists, Xavi (vocals, guitars, bass) & Sabú (recorders, lead guitar, bass) who have been making music together since they were 13. They hit the Sunset Strip in '96,  sweet 18, earning their rock'n'roll credentials. Eventually, the high school drop-outs went back to school and ended up studying Classics and Environmental Sciences. In 2020, they reunited with drummer Joe, once again ready to take on the world! With unusual, relevant lyrics, amazing hooks, rocking recorders and an experimental mindset the Lürxx create a positive and powerful soundtrack to the revolution we need to save our planet!

Let us introduce ourselves!


The Lürxx play Nature Warrior Rock: philosophically rooted in anti-speciesism, projecting positive activism and promoting our oneness with nature, their music is energetic and unusual, sometimes performed with a full rock line-up, sometimes acoustic. 


With recorder solos (!), vocals impassioned by unexpected and relevant lyrics, topped with face paint, the Lürxx showcase an experimental mindset and roots tapping into the protest songs of the 1960s and into 70s punk, when music was at the forefront of societal change. They are the powerful soundtrack to the revolution desperately needed to save our planet!


The Lürxx share the tribal calling for art and a certain musical weirdness with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the sense of purpose with Sixx:A.M., a rock band with a clear topic wheel and with meaningful lyrics that want to change peoples’ lives. The basis of their music is an earthy groove, comparable to early Aerosmith.


Xavi and Sabú have been together for 33 years (first love!), writing songs together since they were 13.


Upon their emigration to Hollywood in 1996, as 18 year old illegal immigrant high school drop-outs, they initially lived on the streets, like a scruffy guerrilla version of the Rock’n’Roll dream, and were eventually adopted by the remnants of the 80’s Sunset Strip glam rock scene.


After some years as full-time musicians, they returned to school and later to uni, studying Latin (Sabú & Xavi) and Environmental Sciences (Xavi). After a 22-year hiatus, they got the band back together in 2020 and are ready to change the world with their music!

Music for the Planet

The 2022 album "Music for the Planet - the Liverpool Sessions" is a celebration of handmade rock music and unpretentious simplicity. Recorded in just nine days at Material Studios in Liverpool, it's the band doing what they do best: unleashing their creative energy. The Lürxx blend guitar-based rock with roaring recorder-solos (!), unusual vocals and relevant lyrics. The record tells a story of beauty and hope, of fighting and winning, of love and the incredible awesomeness of nature. Check out the single "Rebels" below.

Check out the entire album on Bandcamp by clicking on the record cover below.

CD Cover FINAL version 1 (124 × 124mm).png
CD Cover FINAL version (124 × 124mm)-2.png

Check out our official music videos

From the press

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"The Lürxx present a fabulous work with guitars parading sensational notes over a strong bass and precise drums with very characteristic vocals and exciting melodies." - Roadie Music

"Muy buena melodía, excelente voz!" - Improvisando Radio, Colombia

"Very cool sound, super unique!" - From the Strait (music blog)


rebels video IG post.png
"There's a ton of energy here which I love. I love the flute in the background throughout - super catchy." - Fresh Ground Indie

"Lovely! This song has expressive vocals and beautiful melodies. "

- Common Sense


dequeruza 1.png

“Music for the Planet” es una celebración de la música rock hecha a mano y de la sencillez sin pretensiones.

El disco cuenta una historia de belleza y esperanza, de lucha y victoria, de amor y la increíble maravilla de la naturaleza." - Dequeruza, Argentinia

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"The Lürxx undoubtedly have their own thing going [...], in everything from vocal tone to topic and [...] multi-layered arrangements. Rebels is a stunning opener, but it’s still merely a glimpse of the depth on display throughout Music For The Planet." - Stereo Stickman

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