You say you are "antispeciesists" - what is speciesism?!

Speciesism means that the species of a being is used as a basis for decisions on how to treat that being. Like racism, speciesism results in the inability to see individuals but rather categories. 

Speciesism commonly leads to the belief that humans are superior to other animals and is used as an excuse for exploitation. For example, for a speciesist, "using" an animal is ok, while enslaving humans is not.

We believe that speciesism is a root cause for many of the problems that humanity is facing today. If we can see beyond our own species, we will "automatically" be more empathic. 

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What are "Lürxx" and why do you have a newt as your band logo?

“Lürxx” is inspired by the German word “Lurch” which means “newt”.

For the band, the amphibious newt is a symbol of our connection to sea and land.


As we declare in one of our songs “We’re the sons of the fish, we’re the Lürxx!”

The painted black newts in the band's original logo have now been replaced by a Californian Newt (Taricha torosa), a species endemic to California, which the band considers the musical home of the original Black Lürxx.

The umlaut "ü" and the "xx" are inspired by Nikki Sixx and Mötley Crüe, one of our favourite bands in 1995 when we formed Black Lürxx.

How long have you guys known each other?

We met at school when we were around 12 or 13 and we started our first band, The Collegemates, when we were 14. Since then we've spent our lives together.

We soon realised that it wouldn't really be feasible to also have a girl- or boyfriend each - we enjoy each other's company far too much. Best friends, band brothers, partners - we are the total package!