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By buying a physical copy of our album "Music for the Planet" you support us in a meaningful way! Merchandise is one of the few areas where independent artists can recuperate some of the money we spend on our bands. The CDs cost us approximately £2/piece. If you pay the minimum asking price of £7, we earn a fiver. Selling around 85 CDs recoups the costs for pressing it and from then on it generates funding for new projects. Therefore, every sale is hugely important - also because we absolutely get high on the idea to you driving around blasting our music! So go ahead and do your thing to help keep indie music (and us!) alive! Thank you so much, you're awesome!


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No matter if you want a classic band shirt or a kick ass nature warrior slogan shirt that shows everyone that you're one of the good guys, you'll find what your heart desires in our T-Shirt shop. We use Teemill as a partner because they are good guys, too: They work on a circular economy basis, use organic materials, renewable energy, and plastic-free packaging and recycle old fabrics into new shirts. You can check out their sustainability pledges here.

We design all our shirts ourselves and take great pleasure in knowing that all over the world people walk around with our positive messages on their chests! Wear it with pride!

We earn approximately £2.15 per shirt.

Attention: As we transition to Zero Waste Band Merch, these shirts will be discontinued eventually - if you want one, you better get it soon!



You are invited to buy us a coffee. Or two. Or ten. Through our Ko-Fi page, you can donate an amount of your choice to us via PayPal. This can be a one-off donation or a monthly contribution. We're currently looking for 200 supporters to pledge £5/month. Check out the video below to find more about that!

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