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Every Mother's Son - a mum's point of view

Sometimes it must be difficult being the mother of an artist. There's so much more financial insecurity, everything is less predictable, your child ends up in random places somewhere in the world, potentially in bad company, potentially putting himself in dangerous situations. What's it like when your kid decides to be part of this netherworld and to not participate in the more orderly set-up of mainstream society?

We asked, Hedda, Sabú's mum. Here's what she had to say:

What is it like being the mother of someone who decides to make art an integral part of their life?

Sabú was always a creative child. I remember him saying: "Let's play with our imagination!"

So I slowly grew into it and often followed his development with admiration and amazement. It's clear he didn't get that from me! But I always supported him!

What lows of worry and highs of pride do you remember?

I rarely worried. I always had a certain basic trust in him, that he generally knows what he is doing and that he will find his way over the years.

I'm proud of the idea that he'll be presenting the Lürxx' new album in Liverpool. I remember our "Beatles fan trip" to Liverpool back in 1992 and for him to actually play a gig there - that's amazing!

I also was often proud of him because he can paint and design beautifully.

In your opinion, why did Sabú choose this path in life and not a “normal” and “more solid” career?

Anything else would be far too boring and far too unchallenging for him.

Where would he go with his spontaneous ideas and his need for self-determination?!

Do you feel that anything in your own biography/interests helped shape his interest in music and art?

I have very little direct personal connection to art. It wasn't a part of my socialization. So I have no artistic talents.

I tried to let him develop his talents and supported him with a lot of patience and love.

Theatre, books, handicraft materials, piano, drums, flute, guitar... you name it, I supported it!

When he was a boy, I spent hours waiting for him to pick him up from his various activities, be it acting or piano lessons...

Hedda visiting us in L.A. in 1996. She was paying the rent of our studio apartment which saved us from living on the streets!

Hedda with Sabú and Linda, the lady we met at the Whisky A-Go-Go and who let us crash at her place when we were still on the streets - but that's a story for another blog! 😂

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