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Sabú. Guitars. Recorders. Bass. Backing Vocals. Percussion.

Sabu studio 2 Liverpool.jpeg

Second Chancer!

I teach Latin language and Roman history because I find it important to understand where our modern times come from. Many problems our planet is facing today are rooted in millennia old human attitudes, so I believe the world today is not worse than in the past. On the contrary, I see a learning curve in humanity (even though many individuals are so full of laziness and shit I don’t think they ever choose to learn). I hope we can still fix some things.


I generally think it’s never too late to try again. I’m a second chancer. Dropped out of high school, later went back. Dropped out of uni, recently went back. Dropped out of being a guitarist, currently am practicing.


I love beautiful sounds, water splashing and birds singing and music. Songs of which I just love the sounds are Ferry Cross the Mersey (Gerry and the Pacemakers) and Anna (Beatles). Currently my favourite bands are Txarango and Sixx:A.M. — I’m crazy about absolutely everything that happens when DJ Ashba touches a guitar.


When I make music, I often improvise — depending on my mood, I have different melodies and rhythms inside. Completely free styled Blue Fish at the recording studio (that was a bit nerve shredding, though).


Of course I also care about lyrics and I’m also a writer. I like to write philosophical stuff. Xavi and I almost daily take walks in nature, look at everything and have philosophical conversations. Have a go at an interactive story here:

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