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song: Smash the Dam
(© 1998/2022 Gudrich/Gudrich)

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Featured on the 2022 album "Music for the Planet"

Now streaming everywhere! 


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Larvae adrift from the South

Ride the Gulf Stream waters

Northward bound

Trusting the ancient currents.

Glass eels greeting the coast

Follow the call upstream

As elvers they greet the river

See what their parents have seen.

      Smash the dam and break the barrier!

      Eel must swim from sea to source!

      As they've always done before!

      A spawning migration

      A river running free

      A dark stormy night

      When the silver eels seek the sea

      Like stars in the sky

      Let the journey begin!

      Smash the dam and break the barrier!

      Eel must swim from source to sea!

      As they've always done before!

Years of golden river dawns

A home for yellow eels

Rest among the roots of trees

'Til one day they dream of the sea.

South through a dark ocean

Like stars in the night

The eternal cycle

Spawn in a seagrass dawn.

       Smash the dam and break the barrier!

       Eel must swim from sea to source!

       As they've always done before!


Are ya fuckin' ready 'cos eels are! Eels are!

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You can read more about the European eel and about what is being done to protect it in this really good article

More about eel conservation and the problem of man-made barriers is 

Sabú layin' down the bass!


Fun fact:

This song started out as our

own personal Spinal Tap moment... In its original shape it was called 'Druid Stones' and it was about - you guessed it! - Stonehenge!! If you are so inclined, you can check out a rough recording from 1998 here

Liner notes

Xavi: rhythm and lead guitars, vocals

Sabú: bass, conga, backing vocals

Joe: drums, backing vocals

Recorded May 2022 at Material Studios, Liverpool.

Engineered and mastered by Jim Power.

Mixed by Jim Power and Sabú & Xavi Gudrich.

℗ Gudrich/Gudrich 2022

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