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thanxx for checking us out!

You like to bang your head
AND save the planet!
That's awesome! Welcome to your tribe!

Here you can watch the full music video to our love song for an activist "You're Badass"

We hope you have fun watching it and maybe it's even the perfect song for that special someone in your life whom you always wanted to tell how badass they are! Share it with them and let us know how the story continues... If you wanna know more about how we recorded this song with the help of James Michael (Sixx:A.M.) and who the fuck we are, have a look below the video ;)


YAY! You wanna know more! That's awesome!


If you want to know more about who we are and how we went from Sunset Strip glam rock street kids in the mid-90s to environmental scientists and radical optimists kicking ass for the planet, then this link will take you to our bio.

If you wanna know all about how we recorded "You're Badass" with the help of our friend James Michael (of Sixx:A.M.) then we would love to offer you a trade: We get your email address and get to send you fun updates about what we are up to and you get a FREE chapter of our ebook "You're Badass - a look behind the scenes" where we talk in detail about the recording process.

Enter your email below and the ebook shall be yours!

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