Leopard Slugs

the Lürxx 2021, England

Tonight the slugs are out again.

They slither through my living room.

They're welcome here at 2am

I feed them lettuce from my bread.

You neighbours think I'm sick so sick

But YOU put out the slug pellets

The slugs were here before you, bitch!

You're head's full of shit, full of shit!

Leopard slugs!

Under my floorboards!

Leopard slugs!

I piss on your pellets!

Leopard slugs!

I give 'em my lettuce!

Leopard slugs!

And then I go to sleep!

You're all out of harmony.

You're trapped in the anthropocene.

Cut it out, you sound retarded!

You're the pest cuz you're so mean!

Based on the song "Nausea" by LA punk band X