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Xavi. Guitars. Vocals.

xavi rock star liverpool.jpeg

"Fuck what people think -

just go for it, dude!"

I am an adventurer who loves animals, nature, long hikes, art and tattoos.

I hate being told what to do and am a strong believer in thinking for yourself, taking an open mind and empathy for all beings as a basis for your considerations. 

I'm diagnosed with dyspraxia and ADHD - both has impacted me as an artist both in positive and negative ways and I'm keen to share my experiences and help anyone struggling with the same issues. Other human issues I am passionate about are self-care and body-positivity, anti-bullying and issues around addiction.

I absolutely live for my art and for making this planet a better place. When I'm not composing or playing music for the Lürxx, I run a science communication charity and work in our online Latin language school.

I'm generally calm, laid-back and stubbornly optimistic, a bit of an opposite pole to Sabú's volcano-persona. :)

My main musical influences are Izzy Stradlin on guitar and Steve Marriott, Roger Daltrey, Mick Jagger and Anthony Kiedis on vocals.

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