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song: Give it to the Sea
1997 Gudrich/Gudrich)

Featured on the 1998 album
"Give it to the Sea"

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Rowing alone through the night

Fog is painting the black night sky white

Reaching for me touching me with cold hands.

Not caressing, just choking.

Choking, I’m choking!


Something’s there - a ship that reeks of death!

I climb aboard on its silent deck.

Something’s there - I don’t know what or where!

Silent but lethal

Threatening, threatening.

I think I’ve seen - I turn - there’s nothing there!

Features of faces silently laugh and stare.

Terror grips me the night is cold as death.

Freezing I’m freezing

Weaker and weaker.


It’s hard to think there’s voices all around

The night is cold and still without a sound

There’s water everywhere I’m going down!

I’m staring at the bubbles that escape my mouth.



Sabú and Xavi on Finnish television in 1998.

Originally called "Death at Sea", this was one of the most iconic Black Lürxx songs and usually the opener of the show. The video was filmed near Helsinki in June 1998 by two film students. All three band members came down with a cold afterwards, having spent a whole day out on an island, wet and freezing (they had just relocated to Finland from Los Angeles, so they were not used to Scandinavian temperatures!!).

Liner notes

Xavi: vocals, guitars

Sabú: bass, backing vocals

Joe: drums

Recorded at Red5 Studios, Vantaa, Finland

Engineered and mixed by Toni Kimpimäki

Joe, Sabú and Xavi in Finland.

Photograph by Tuuli "Stitch" Marttila

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