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song: Nightjar
(© 1996/2021 Gudrich/Gudrich)

Nightjar (1400 × 1400px).png

Featured on the EP "Jellyfish Moon"

Now streaming everywhere! 



All the way from sub-Saharan Africa

My spring time churr rolls through the dunes.


Noiseless flight on pointed wings

Sing at dawn, sing at dusk

Sing at dawn, sing at dusk

Sing at dawn!


Silhouetting insects in a moonlit night

Drinking and bathing in flight, flight.


Nightjar, eyes like the moon!


All the way from Northern Europe I start my

Winter migration by a full moon!


Nightjar, eyes like the moon!

Nightjar! Nightjar! Nightjar!


We wrote the main riff in Hollywood in 1997. The original lyrics described life in Hollywood and the people we met on the streets.

Y'know, stuff like:

"Oh so sleazy, you're a Hollywood teaser

Always in for a good time.

C'mon, honey, I ain't got no money,

But yours will do just fine!

A loser on the street, pathetic and sad,

Thinks he'll rule the world someday.

I think someone fucked with your head -

You're finished anyway!"

The recent incarnation of the song was written specifically to accompany Sabú's interactive story "Choices". A story where the reader gets to decide which turn the story takes - it's awesome, you should read it!

Liner notes

Xavi: vocals, guitars

Sabú: bass, backwards guitar solo, percussion, backing vocals

Zoe: drums

Rune: backing vocals

Recorded at Outhouse Studios, Reading, UK

℗ 2022 Gudrich/Gudrich

Engineered, mixed and produced by John Mitchell

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