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Behind the scenes of the "Rebels" video

"Went out walking through the woods the other day and the world was a carpet laid before me..." - 100 Years Ago, Rolling Stones

When we were walking through the woods near our home one hot day in May 2022, we chanced upon the coolest location and we straight away knew we wanted to use it for a video shoot!

We loved the feel of the place - it looked like it could be anywhere in the world (well, anywhere warm and dusty) and the red containers made for a great contrast with the sand, the blue sky and the surrounding forest.

Being the good guys that we are nowadays, we even contacted the owner of the land and asked if we could shoot a music video there. But when we got no answer we figured that no answer is not a "NO" and not a "NO" is a "YES" and therefore we went ahead and just did it. It's all very nice to ask for permission but in the end it's rock'n'fuckin'roll, so... 😂😂

With the help of our friend (and awesome backing vocalist!) Rune, we drummed up a handful of people and headed out one very hot summer day. I think it was actually one of the heatwave days where you were supposed to stay indoors during the hottest hours. Which is when we were out shooting the video. All in the name of rock! (We did have shade there, though, and we carried plenty of water!) Massive thanks again to Rune, Luke, Izzy and Leah!!

After a 30 minute treck through the forest, we set up our stuff and got to work.

The storyline is the following: A group of friends hangs out in nature, soaking up the sun and the atmosphere and getting a lot of positive energy from the song. The idea is that this combined positivity of friendship, the natural world and music fuels the energy for the fight that lies in front of us all where we have to stand up to injustice and save the planet from destruction.

Eventually, we set off (towards the city!) to carry this message into the world.

Cut to our album launch gig at the Outpost, Liverpool. This is where we fulfil our mission as a band, bringing the positive message to the people.

For the last part of the song we return to nature to refuel with the energy of our mother the Earth. This is the part where you can clearly tell that we both grew up among hippies! 🤣

Becoming one with the Earth, we roll around in the dust, embracing her and letting ourselves be covered by her. We then go through almost a "ritual" washing and of course the whole thing needs to end in true 1970s fashion with us getting naked and facing whatever we need to face with just our pure selves, because with the power of love and nature there is no need for armour. We stand tall with nothing but our naked butts!

The whole dust bath angle was a completely spontaneous inspiration - we were on an evening walk during the heatwave and came by a field with lots of dust. As it shimmered golden in the late afternoon sun, we just knew we had to do a take of us wallowing in it! Ah, the beauty of artistic inspiration! It would have been hilarious had an unsuspecting dog walker chanced upon us! "Oh, don't be alarmed - we're artists!"

This whole video shoot was extremely unusual for us as a band - because it was actually warm! So far, we had been freezing our asses off in all our videos, including the ones that LOOK nice and sunny! I gotta say - being warm sure feels nice!! ☀️

Here's the whole thing - give it a like if you like it! 🥰

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