Sunset Shit

the Lürxx 2021, England (Black Lürxx 1996, Hollywood)

It's gonna be another cold night. Right.

Another night on Sunset Strip. Shit.

Another night that's gonna suck. Fuck.


Moved away from home out to Hollywood

To live just like we think we should

No car, no flat and this is it:

Night after night on Sunset Strip. Yeah!


Downtown Los Angeles

I'm so tired, get no sleep.

Hope it'll work out for you and me

And that we'll get off the streets! Yeah!


Paranoia, heart attack! We're in too deep no turning back! No!


Just some more young musicians stranded in L.A.

For so many fuckin' years it's been the same

It just might be a dream come true -

Hey, L.A., we're stuck with you! Yeah!


We're gonna play the Whisky and the Roxy and all

Just give us some time, it's all under control

Though things right now don't look so bright

Especially when it's cold at night! Yeah!


Photogenic star attack! It's our choice no turning back! No!

I tell ya being hungry sucks!

This emptiness just hurts my guts!

I light another cigarette

And I'm gonna drink some Jack! Yeah!

Palm trees, California sky

Hummingbirds are humming by

I think someone said that before:

I think we knocked on heaven's door!

Perseverance dream attack! We chase the sky no turning back! No!

We won't back down!


And we totally did play the Roxy!