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Xmas with an attitude.png

For many, Christmas is a time of good cheer, getting together with family and friends and being thankful, maybe even feeling blessed, for their loved ones and good health.


For many others, Christmas can be a time of huge mental struggles. Full of unfulfilled expectations and feelings of frustration and loss. If you don’t have a happy home, if you struggle with your family, if you feel lonely and mentally not in a good place, the Christmas cheer can be hard to bear. If you don’t feel the love that “fills the room from the floor to the ceiling” then where does that leave you among all the sleigh bells and singing angels?


“Xmas with an attitude” is for all those people. For everyone who feels the need to vent their frustrations and to scream “fuck you!” at society. For all the “misfits” who just can’t get their cheer up right now. You are not alone! Your feelings are valid! You are not a failure! Merry fuckin Xmas!

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