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Give it to the Sea (Hollywood 1997 / Helsinki 1998)

The first version of this record was recorded at Electric Jungle Studios, Fullerton, California in the fall of 1997.

Even though the CD received very positive reviews all across the independent metal and rock scene, the band were relatively dissatisfied with the overall sound - as a self-financed low-budget release the original "Give it to the Sea" was recorded in 5 days in an analogue studio on pre-loved reels, "mixed" right as it was recorded and was not even mastered!



1 Death at Sea

2 Dragon

3 Stay out of my life with your suicide

4 Peachfarm

5 The forgotten night

6 I don't care

7 Lands of Rain

8 Nightmare

9 Swamp

10 Wintergod's Slave


The second version of this record was recorded at Red5 Studios in Vantaa, Finland in the summer of 1998.

After finding their drummer Joe who replaced the provisional Mike (whose skills had failed to wow the band!), the band decided to go back into the studio after moving to Finland and simply rerecord the record. Now under management and with a slightly bigger budget, the second version was recorded in a week at Red5 Studios in Vantaa. After recording was completed, the band fell out with management and was left with the bill which was very kindly footed by their road manager, the legendary Alan Norgain! 

Eventually, the band decided to combine songs from their 1996 demo "Tunes from the Gypsy Swamp", a killer version of "Not Anymore" done with Joe in Hollywood in early 1998 and some of the newly recorded songs and release a "Best Of" version of "Give it to the Sea" - and this time it was even mastered!


1 Give it to the Sea

2 The Age of Fish (LA)

3 Not Anymore

4 Peachfarm

5 Nightmare

6 The Age of Fish (FIN)

7 Dragon


9 The Forgotten Night

10 Wintergod's Slave

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