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Jellyfish Moon (Reading, 2022)

jellyfish moon cover.png
jellyfish moon cover.png
jellyfish moon credits.png

Click on the record covers to listen and discover more about the songs!

Ink, Blood, Vaseline (1400 × 1400px).png

Ink, Blood & Vaseline

If the three Kings of Orient were tattooists,

this is the song they'd sing!


Slow Children Slow (1400 × 1400px).png

A celebration of the rhythm of life on the Isle of Anglesey and the beauty of its nature! When you allow yourself to slow down, there is so much to discover!



Nightjar (1400 × 1400px).png

The nightjar is an awesome bird to feature in a rock song:

epic migration and a really cool churring call... All that over an earthy rock riff!



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